I am the vine of souls. I am the master medicine.

Step into the light by walking through your shadow.


When you understand that the warrior’s heart beats as one heart,

you will no longer have anything to fear.


Through my eyes the world is a place of endless awe.

Take a look for yourself!


I’ve been in all your heads. I don’t discriminate, I’ve got nothin but love.

Times are changing though. They say twenty billion dollars if you legalize me.


In my embrace is light. Love. Forgiveness. So bring me the hurt, the sad, the broken.

Every day you wait 30 more swathed in red white and blue take their own life.


I decide what I give you. Poison or medicine.

Ask nicely or boil in my venom. You don’t want my wrath.


I am the illuminator. I am the fire to burn away the fog.

But I am fire, too much and you will burn.